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Dear Pilot,

Hi, I'm Stewart Webster, a Jet Airline Pilot with over 10,000 flying hours.

More importantly (for you) I spent 15 years in senior positions within the aviation industry. I've conducted Airline Interviews and Selection ... I've screened countless airline resumes, cover letters and CV's ... I've been involved in Check and Training, Management and Aircraft Engineering - operating in Airline, Corporate and Charter environments.

And I've condensed everything I've learned about screening and hiring pilots into the most comprehensive interactive pilot interview preparation course ever created.

Now - with absolutely ZERO RISK - you can prepare to land your dream pilot job with 27 years of insider expertise to guide you.

Discover What They Don't Teach You In Flying School...

How to GET HIRED as a Pilot

Here's a sample of the benefits you'll enjoy with your e-Interview Preparation Private Membership...

  • Instant 24/7 Online Access to over 15 hours of course material for a full 2 years. Enjoy the equivalent of a 4-day seminar at your own pace from the comfort and privacy of your home (or any internet connection) with no travel time or expenses.

    You get hours of video instruction ... interactive audio training ... printable workbooks ... quizzes and tests ... one-on-one help, and more.

    Plus, you can try it all 100% risk-free (see below)

  • The Complete Insider's Perspective on the Pilot Selection and Recruitment Processes - Remember, E-Interview Preparation was created not only by a pilot; but one who also spent years interviewing and hiring other pilots.

    Pilot interview preparation doesn't get any more credible, current, accurate and real than this!

    It's like having a friend on the inside helping you get the job!

  • 152 Pilot Interview Questions Revealed - Covers 98% of the questions you'll face. Plus, how to tailor your responses to match what the airlines are looking for.

    Helps you face your interview with the relaxed confidence and competitive edge you need to get hired.

  • Pilot Resume and Cover Letter Course - A series of videos walk you through every detail you need to create your own outstanding resume and cover letter with ease, from blank page to completion.

    Discover pilot resume secrets, including the 5 ways to get your resume noticed instantly, and much more.

    You also get...

  • FREE Custom Resume and Cover Letter Critique - you get personalized advice from an expert insider who has screened thousands of pilot resumes.

    I'll be sure you look irresistible on paper for maximum impact to land you the interview.

  • Interactive Audio Interview Practice System - Listen to 7 sets of interview questions and record your responses. It's like going on 7 different interviews! You'll hear your confidence improve as you listen to your recorded answers.

    This interactive format is the ideal way to eliminate interview anxiety and noticeably improve your interview performance overnight.

  • Question and Answer Forum + Private Access - If you ever feel stuck, you can post your questions, and I'll answer them here. Or, send me a private message if you prefer. You can also communicate with other pilots, worldwide. With E-Interview Preparation, YOU'RE NOT ALONE.

  • Complete Interview Strategy Course - Covers everything you need to know and do. Such as...
    ... What to do before and after the interview (what you must know about medicals, groups assessments, essay writing, conducting a speech, and more)
    ... How to avoid and overcome negative first impressions
    ... New Behavioural, Competency, and Situational interviews (how to use these new types of questioning to your advantage while others are left struggling)

  • Psychometric Testing Tools - Covers Personality questionnaires, plus Numerical, Verbal, and Spatial abilities. Saves you hours of precious time by providing you with a one-stop resource for everything you need to prepare for this all-important form of testing.

    And there's so much more. See all the course subjects here

Detail that's Easy-to-Follow

Every aspect of the course drills down into perfect detail, so you won't get caught by surprise at any stage of the hiring process.

I've seen everything there is to see in this process because hiring pilots was my career path for almost 2 decades.

And I reveal it all to you in a simple, organized manner you can easily grasp at your own pace. And, you get personal access to me, a fellow pilot, when you need it.

Can Make or Break Your Career

You owe it to yourself and your family to give your career your best shot, starting with your risk-free membership to E-Interview Preparation today.

Otherwise, you risk competing against other pilots who are smart enough to stack this course in their favour.

Why risk going unprepared?

60-Day Risk-Free Trial and Money-Back Guarantee:

Try E-Interview Preparation completely risk-free for 60 days. Watch the videos, print the downloadable workbooks, even take advantage of the free CV and resume review - all at no risk whatsoever.

If you're not thrilled with your membership for any reason (or no reason at all) just let me know, and I will promptly refund 100% of your money with no questions asked and no hard feelings.

You can even keep your newly-polished resume and cover letter as my way of saying thank you for giving it a risk-free try.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by getting started right now.

You Also Get These Bonus Courses...

  • Pilot Technical Refresher Course - Brush up on ATPL Theory without wasting time trying to find all the relevant information. Access a comprehensive library of Aviation Technical Theory.
    19 Categories, 1200+ Technical References, 900+ Illustrations to jog your memory and avoid pilot technical interview knowledge gaps

    Designed to prepare you for the basics and comprehensive technical testing like Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Dragonair, etc. See course subjects here

  • Simulator Assessment Guidance Course - Do you know the REAL reason for Simulator Assessment? ... It's to see if you're difficult to train and manage. Don't take that risk! Use the insider guidance, tips and tricks in this course to breeze through the Simulator Check Ride. See course subjects here

  • Mind Mapping Technology - Use this free software tool to organize important information into at-a-glance simplicity. Easily tames the beast of information overload.

Member's Testimonials :

Thank you! I got the job. English is not my first language, but your courses were easy to understand and just what I needed...

- J.F from Spain

It gives me more confidence and faith that I can succeed against fierce competition.

- K.V from Hungary

I was impressed with e-interview preperation right from the outset. I would be happy to recommend this course to anyone.

- A.S from New Zealand

... I was approved on the selection process and will start 777 training soon, for sure your website helped me a lot...

- R.M from Brazil